Church Family,

 Now is when we respond with courage and faith, not fear and worry. Our God is sovereign. Nothing is outside His control. Every microscopic bacteria and every global pandemic and every one of our lives is in His hands. Ephesians 1:11 tells us that God works all things according to the purpose of His will.

 And our God cares for His people. He is a strong and sturdy refuge, a very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1).

 So, church, we’ve been preparing all our lives to face a serious threat like the coronavirus poses. We’ve been hiding God’s Word in our hearts and banking on His faithfulness. He has not failed us and He will not fail us now.

 And God has called us to be wise and to love one another. So, here is some practical information and practical ways we are seeking to be wise and love others for this weekend and beyond:

  • We will still gather this Sunday morning at 10:30am: March 15, 2020.
    • We intend to continue gathering for worship and fellowship and prayer until we believe doing so is no longer wise and loving. We will NOT have any Sunday evening or Wednesday evening activities this week.
  • We encourage older saints and those at higher risks to consider CDC guidelines.
  • We encourage anyone who is not feeling well to use caution and not attend church.
  • We encourage avoiding physical contact at church.
    • Since this virus is mainly spread through physical contact, along with the authorities, we encourage avoiding handshakes and hugs until this virus passes.
    • Please consider using a smile and head nod, slight bow, or thumbs up to greet one another.
    • Remember: this is only for a limited time in order to show love for others. We should not be mainly concerned with ourselves getting sick. Rather, our main concern is spreading this virus to others.
  • We will be attempting to livestream our services these next few weeks for those who are more vulnerable or not feeling well.
    • Make sure you “like” our Facebook page to get access to the live stream.
  • We encourage utilizing good prevention methods.
  • We are stepping up the cleaning and disinfecting of our facilities.
    • We have a cleaning company ensuring that everything is thoroughly disinfected. They are using a cleaner that is approved by the CDC for killing the coronavirus. We also have hand sanitizer throughout our building for your use.
  • We will not pass offering plates until this virus passes.
    • There is an offering box at the entrance of the sanctuary. Please place your offerings in that box before or after the service.
  • Please continue to give to the church through this season.
    • The church’s work will not stop no matter what. Our mission is unstoppable.
    • Please don’t forget to give so that we can continue to fulfill the great commission, care for our community, and serve our body.
    • We have secure online giving where you can set up automatic donations from your bank account. You can also give one-time gifts to the church electronically.
    • https://www.mhbcbelton.com/give
    • Also, you can mail a check to the church.
  • Please keep in touch with us.
    • If you are sick and think you have been infected, please let us know. If you aren’t coming to church because you are more vulnerable, please let us know. If you need any help, please let us know. We want to continue praying for you and caring for you.
    • info@mhbcbelton.com or justin@mhbcbelton.com – 254-939-1835
  • We encourage you to look for ways to love others and share the hope of the gospel to those around you.
    • Christians are known for taking risks to love others. We move toward risk not away from it. Pray for courage, trust God’s promises, and do what is right.
    • Don’t panic. And share what you have.

We love you and are confident God is going to use this to strengthen His church for His glory.


Pastor Justin (on behalf of the elders)

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Thank you Pastor Justin for your Faith & encouragement during this time & always ! (I've been listening to your sermons on Ephesians, on the MHBC site podcasts) Let us lift each other up daily in prayer ! Love you & all our friends there at MHBC !! ♥️

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