Those who follow Jesus do so together.

It is common in our day to hear things like: I love Jesus but can't stand his people. But Jesus loves his people (though we are undoubtedly a mess). And if we claim to love Jesus, we must love what he loves. This is why Jesus famously said, "By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another." (John 13:35)

One of the ways we intend to follow Jesus together is through Community Groups. Within these groups our goal is to foster meaningful community that:

  1. provides encouragement and accountability for one another
  2. helps one another grow in knowledge and obedience of the Scriptures
  3. engages in evangelism of non-Christian family, friends, and neighbors
  4. helps new church members connect to the church body
  5. serves as the initial place for member care to occur

Our Community Groups are intentionally open to any age and meet on Sunday evenings at one of our members' homes. To get more information on any of the groups, contact the group leader below. We encourage you to join the one that is geographically closest to you.


Community Groups by Location 

North Belton (Vahaliks)
Little River Academy (Morgans)
West Belton (Kahlers)
Central Belton (Hebisons)
West Temple (Shirkeys)