Members' Meeting

January 28, 2024 to December 8, 2024

  • January 28, 2024:
  • March 17, 2024:
  • May 19, 2024:
  • August 18, 2024:
  • October 20, 2024:
  • December 8, 2024:

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MHBC is a congregational church. This means that we believe the ultimate responsibilty for the church's faithfulness lies with her members.

At Members' Meetings, the church elects leaders, adds and removes members, and makes decisions on other needs as they arise. After each meeting we have a potluck and share a meal together.

While these meetings are specifically for members, we are happy for non-members who are considering joining MHBC to attend (although you cannot vote). Attending a Members' Meetings is a great way to get to know the church better.